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La Franco Argentine

LFA Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

28.01.2019, 08:00 Uhr

Press Release

Sains-Richaumont, January 8, 2019,
La Franco Argentine, the European leader in the Dulce de Leche market, has registered with all its employees Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), at the heart of its strategy.
La Franco Argentine, the MAIN promoter and specialist of Dulce de Leche with its brands RAFFOLÉ and Chimbote, believes in Corporate Social Responsibility to strengthen its relations with its stakeholders and sustainably optimize its overall performance. The Group, based in Sains-Richaumont in the Hauts-de-France, has about forty employees spread between France and Spain, all very involved in the virtuous policy. Internal and external pillar of the approach, Gonzalo Cruz, the founder and leader, attentive to the
expectations of his collaborators, has developed since the creation of the group a participative management.
"RAFFOLÉ is a product that brings pleasure and happiness. It must be manufactured, from its conception and the working methods, by privileging the pleasure and the happiness of all those who intervene in its production, management or logistics. The happiness to work in its manufacture must accompany the happiness to taste RAFFOLÉ in all its forms" insists the leader.
The values of "Respect", "Commitment", "Family" and "Innovation" shared by all employees resonate harmoniously with the principles of ISO26000, the standard for sustainable development.
The first concrete actions of Corporate Social Responsibility of La Franco Argentine are:
o Involve and unite employees around the CSR policy.
o Design with its collaborators the Ethical Charter of the Group.
o Review the entire value chain of its products with environmental and social criteria.
o Measure, monitor and reduce water consumption.
o Measure, monitor and reduce its CO2 emissions.
o Participate actively in the development of the regional economic fabric; nearly 70% of the suppliers in the production chain are already local players.
o Reinforce innovation by integrating CSR criteria in order to better meet the expectations of its customers and consumers. Forty recipes and formulations of milk jam are offered to its industrial customers and the supermarket to better adapt to the needs.
"RAFFOLÉ was able to participate in local development and participate in the animation and the image of a regional gastronomy. RAFFOLÉ has become one of the icons of the Terroir des Haut- de-France and we are proud that the inhabitants of the region carry it in their luggage when they go on trips to other regions
or abroad", explains Gonzalo Cruz.
La Franco Argentine, created in 1990 in the Hauts-de-France, by Gonzalo Cruz is the European leader in the production of Dulce de Leche with its forty variations. All its products are made locally from milk and sugar from the region in conventional or organic, with simple recipes and banishing the use of palm oil or any controversial substance. Based in Sains-Richaumont in the Hauts-de-France, La Franco Argentine seduces the whole world with its exceptional product both gourmet and healthy. More than 50% of its
production is destined for export markets.
At the same time, the Group has successfully developed a distribution business for Argentinian products, based on the founder's family background. Yerba Maté, Malbec wine and the famous Empanadas are some of the most famous products.
Contact: Fabienne de La Chauvinière
RSE Communication - Tel.: + 33 (0) 6 95 75 80 84

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