ISM: 02.–05.02.2020

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A-Delis Zabota Ltd

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A-Delis Zabota Ltd
Svobody st. 5
84100 Slovyansk
+380 50 2597959
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A-Delis Zabota Ltd

Move often, we see the wilingnes of people to look after their health, many are switching to proper nutrition, refusing sweets, which is so hard. That is why we remembered the ancient recipes of the Ancient Slavs and created the traditional healthy sweets, but refining it with modern foreign equipment, which made it even tastier. Light, tender, incredibly tasty and healthy - all this is “Pastila”. It is adored by both children and adults. The juicy taste of summer fruits, berries and vegetables combined in an incredible vitamin cocktail . The most popular is apple pastille, which has made famous this kind of sweets. Juicy apple and honey make this type of pastille the real queen among sweets. One thing, because it replaces the entire vitamin bouquet, because the apple is a source of iron and pectin. Traditional delicacies are much more useful than modern ones, as they are made from fresh fruits rich in ascorbic acid, which is beneficial for the immune system.Honey, which is part of the Pastila, is also useful, as it contains microelement elements necessary for the human body. And for people who are sufering from diabetes and those who do not use sugar, we have prepared “Pastila on fructose”. Traditional marshmallow, is considered not only a delicious delicacy, but precisely as useful one.

Not forgetting about the naturalness, we make chocolate, which consists only of natural ingredients. For true connoisseurs of chocolate, we created a line of 85% -65% black chocolate. We also do not forget about the delicate milk chocolate with different kinds of nuts. Milk chocolate has become a masterpiece with a pleasantly light praline filling and fragrant subliminated fruit, Limonchelo liqueur, and soft hazelnut praline.

What is a good morning without a tasty and healthy breakfast. A piece of fruit pasti1le for fragrant tea, a couple of cubes of delicious black chocolate with a cup of coffee, and of course we have an unrealistically tasty, nutty, chocolate paste that will be enjoyed by everyone. The soft, creamy texture in the combination of sweet chocolate and nuts will not leave anyone indifferent.