ISM: 02.–05.02.2020

Ukraine Collective EXPO LLC Lanovenko N.A., FOP | Aussteller auf der ISM - die weltweit größte Messe für Süßwaren und Snacks

Ukraine Collective EXPO LLC Lanovenko N.A., FOP

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Ukraine Collective EXPO LLC Lanovenko N.A., FOP
Navashina 13, flat 38
04114 Kyiv
+380 966818970
Unternehmen und Produkte

Dieser Aussteller zeigt folgende Produktgruppen und Produkte:

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Unternehmen und Produkte
Fruit Riot

The company "Uventa" is producer of the goods group – apple slices, ?? "Fruit Riot". There are main types of products ?? «Fruit Riot»: apple slices dried "Sweet Apple", "Sour Apple", "Sour Apple with cinnamon", "Sour Apple with cinnamon", in addition there are tomatoes slices "Two tomatoes".

The advantages of our products:


  • One ingredient - an apple or tomato;
  • The product does not contain sugar and sulfur, without GMO;
  • Without preservatives;
  • Expiration date of the product – 12 months, at a temperature from 5 ° C to 25 ° C;
  • We produce product on the basis of our own production plant for carrots snacks TM "Morkishka", which has certificates IFS Food, Global G.A.P.;
    • The product are packing on the machine of the Danish company "Schur", (equipment partially purchased with a grant from the USA, "USAID");
  • The package: stylish bags with all permits on the custom-made in the factory "Schur", Germany.
  • The product is natural (it does not undergo any chemical treatment without preservatives), without the addition of sugar or citric acid, the varieties of raw materials used directly affect at the taste of the products.

We look forward to mutually beneficial cooperation.


You are interested in offer! Contact us:

Address: 7,Komarova str., Poltava, 36008, Ukraine

Phone: +38 (0532) 67 92 02; +38 (050) 395 32 50;

Fax: +38 (0532) 67 92 06