ISM: 02.–05.02.2020

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Raeveskiftet 4
3100 Hornbaek
+45 50332817
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Unternehmen und Produkte
Crispy and tasteful chips with hydrolyzed meat protein

Today’s consumers are much more aware of what they eat, and they are making connection between nutrition and health. At the same time consumers claims reduction of fat and sugar, fewer ingredients,

and products without preservatives. At the same time taste and texture must be good.


With less than 5% fat and 1.0% sugar and with more than 30% protein, LäkkerPro`s chips are a good alternative to health-conscious consumers. Nutritious with Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and Iron.


A good amino acid balance together with a high nutritional level means that the consumer can cover a part of the daily needs of proteins and nutrition’s. Animal proteins, and especially hydrolyzed, are easier to absorb than plant proteins.

Our goal is to maximize the protein enrichment in a premium snack, allowing people to enjoy healthy chips with a savory taste.


* Taste and Texture

We have developed some crispy and well tasting chips based on protein from Fava Beans in combination with 25% hydrolyzed meat protein from either Beef, Pork or Chicken. Flavored with Chili, Bacon, Chipotle* or Sour Crème Onion. All tissues and most of the fat are removed from the protein powder. This well tasting salty snack is a good alternative to the many sweet Whey products.  


* Essential Amino Acids

With a high level of all 9 amino acids (near FAO`s recommendations), our product is a good supplement to the daily protein intake. Especially elder and active consumers will benefit from a snack with protein enriched nutrition.  


* Sustainability

Our meat proteins are muscles from the animal’s skeleton which normally would have been considered as a waste product. The hydrolyzing process change the muscles to high value protein products.    


Please contact us for more information:

LäkkerPro, Raeveskiftet 4, 3100 Hornbaek, Denmark +4550332817 mail: