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Zaharni Zavodi AD celebrates its 110th birthday

“Zaharni zavodi” AD marks 110 years since the foundation of one of the largest and oldest food production complexes in Bulgaria. The company is the longest operating and the largest producer of sugar and confectionery products in Bulgaria.

Founded as the “Bulgarian-Czech Shareholding Company for Sugar Industry” with a main focus on production of white crystal sugar, today “Zaharni Zavodi” ADis an industrial park which successfully develops business in several separate divisions. The portfolio of the holding includes production of sugar, confectionery, ethyl alcohol, energy from in-house thermal power plant (TPP) and photovoltaic power plant (PPP), and engineering and maintenance services. The annual turnover of ZAHARNI ZAVODI Group for 2021 is EUR  71 million.

“Zaharni zavodi” AD is the only sugar producer in Bulgaria with a 25 % share of household market and more than 30 % of the industrial purchasing market. The “Sladea” brand, owned by the company, has a long standing reputation as a benchmark and a guarantee of quality.

The Ethanol Division is the second largest and most important division for the company. Founded nearly 100 years ago (1923), today it is the company’s most modern and progressive business. It generates more than 30 % of the group’s revenue and is entirely export-oriented to European markets.

The third largest and most important business for the industrial complex of “Zaharni Zavodi” is the Confectionery business. It generates approximately 20 % of the group’s consolidated revenue and is the “face” of the company to the general public. “Zaharni zavodi” has the privilege of owning, managing and developing a number of legendary and beloved Bulgarian brands, as well as to work to establish new ones. Brands such as “Лукчета/ Herbafield”, “Лимонови резанки/ Jelly slices”, “Теменужка/ Violet drops”, “Чайка”, “Сладки времена” and “Mentina” are only a few of the company’s brands. Ten of the products of the factory have won the prestigious “Favorite Bulgarian brand” award. Investments in the Confectionery Division over the last 10 years amount to EUR 6 million and are directed towards innovation and automation of production and consumer care. A new line for the production and packaging of pastilles with patented composition and proven antimicrobial effect, new equipment for casting, moulding and packaging of mini lokum - new for the Bulgarian and European markets, a new line for production and packaging of tahini and halva are only part of the investments in production facilities in the Confectionary Division.

Over the last 10 years, the company has invested more than EUR 26 million in modernisation and optimisation of production processes and in its sustainable development, with care for the environment and society. In the last two years, “Zaharni Zavodi” was awarded the highly valued distinction “Greenest Companies” of Bulgaria.

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