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The first chewing gum on the market that can reduce visceral fat and waist circumference

Slim&Fit GUM is is the first chewing gum on the market that can reduce visceral fat and waist circumference through the use in its formula of:

·         Probiotics (Bifidobacterium lactis BPL1): Probiotics are good bacteria which are beneficial to health. This specific probiotic strain is capable of activating metabolic pathways in our body that reduce visceral fat and abdominal circumference. This is supported by numerous scientific studies and publications (ELSEVIER and the International Journal of Obesity, among others).

·         Zinc: A mineral that contributes to the normal metabolism of fatty acids, proteins and carbohydrates (according to the European Food Safety Agency).

Thanks to its format and wide availability it is the easiest and most convenient way, compared to traditional food supplements, to help you take care of yourself at any time and in any place.

Simply chew 2 pieces of gum a day for 6 minutes (together or separately). These 2 pieces of gum contain 1x1010 total probiotic cells, the daily required dose to produce the benefits, should you be constant in its intake (for at least 12 weeks).

1.       The probiotic is released by chewing the gum.

2.       Through saliva it passes into the digestive system.

3.       Modifies your microbiota and activates specific metabolic pathways.

4.       Reduces visceral fat deposits in the abdomen.

5.       As a consequence, the abdominal circumference decreases.

This is the first chewing gum to incorporate a complex of probiotics and minerals that are capable of reducing visceral fat and abdominal circumference. The benefits of this specific probiotic, BPL1, have been scientifically proven and recognised, so much so that even the mechanism of action is known (see bibliography). This chewing gum is particularly easy and convenient to consume, and it incorporates a probiotic into its formulation instead of using other types of functional ingredients (usually extracts).

The gum guarantees the content and the survival of the BPL1 probiotic in the chewing gum, combining different variables in the dosing of the ingredients and the whole production process.

It has also been possible to demonstrate, through an artificial mouth that emulates the chewing of a gum and a preparation of artificial standardised saliva, that after 6 minutes of chewing the probiotic has been released from the gum and has passed into the saliva to produce the beneficial effects.

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