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Salted caramel donut,
that's Cuorenero's new entry for 2023!

Soft, not fried, gluten free and of a brand new taste. They are the new Cuorenero caramel donuts, a new entry in 2023! A donut filled with a delicate caramel glaze, with a soft and light dough and with a fall of sprinkles that make the taste experience even more pleasant.
The recipe requires oven cooking and then a coloured and seasoned decoration, in this case with caramel. But the choice is wide: Cuorenero thought about different tastes, among which chocolate, pistachio, vanilla and strawberry. A product designed for a wide audience: the donut is a snack that attracts young and old, both because of its look and its taste!
Also known as “doughnuts” that is “dough walnut” , this baked dessert has become famous for being one of the most favorite sweets by Homer Simpson. Our version is more compact and easier to carry around, in a little bag or in a backpack: Cuorenero’s donut can be tasted during the breakfast, with a cappuccino or a coffee, or as a fast snack during a college lesson or at work.
Launched on the market in 2021, donuts represent one of the workhorse of Dolceamaro and they are distributed by Gdo in Italy and abroad. They can be purchased on the online shop too. Among the Cuorenero products you can find macarons, available in chocolate, strawberry and pistachio flavour. Refined meringues made up just by almond flour, sugar and egg white, that hold a heart of delicious naturally flavored cream.
Even the packaging is studied in detail: every donut is sold in packs of three and they are individually packaged. An element that ensures the freshness, integrity and long-life to the product. For further information about products of the brand, visit and the official Facebook and Instagram pages.

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